5 Ways to Match Colour Fast for Composites in Photoshop

This video tutorial covers five methods for matching color differences in composite photos using Photoshop. Learn how to adjust brightness, hue and saturation, and curves, as well as how to use the “match color” feature and eyeballing to achieve the perfect color match. Discover the importance of including shadows and matching lighting to create a more realistic composite photo. This helpful tutorial also includes tips for taking breaks and giving yourself time to edit your photos. Tools used include layers, adjustment layers, blending modes, filters, and the Brush tool.

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How to Remove Clothes or Fabric Wrinkles in Adobe Photoshop

https://youtu.be/20DmtbFXWrA This is a video tutorial on “How to Remove Clothes or Fabric Wrinkles in Adobe Photoshop” by Lili Amanda from Portrait Creative. In the video, she thoroughly explains two methods that can be used to remove wrinkles on clothes or fabrics in Adobe Photoshop. The first method is using the “Patch Tool” and the

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The God of Basil, Autumn Collection No.1, Raising

Creative Conceptual Portraits Walk Through – The God of Basil, Autumn Collection No.1 and Raising

https://youtu.be/Bhl7MzUKeXs?si=qaltiCGKbbpI-nxp In this video, I’ll walk you through three portrait photographs: “The God of Basil,” “Autumn Collection No.1,” and “Raising.” They have been accepted for exhibition in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. I’ll share with you the background stories, where the inspiration came from, and the behind-the-scenes. Podcast Episode about my fine art series

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How to quickly remove flyaway hair in Adobe Photoshop (in seconds)

Introduction: Flyaway hair can be a real nuisance in portrait photography. Those stray strands can distract from the subject’s face and overall image quality. In the past, removing these flyaways meant meticulous manual retouching, which is time-consuming. But what if there was a way to do it quickly, in just seconds? In this tutorial, we’re

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