Adobe Lightroom Path

Learn to style your photographs with presets.

Day 1:

How to import presets in Adobe Lightroom

Learn how to import presets in Adobe Lightroom in this quick and easy tutorial by Lili Amanda. She demonstrates how to import presets from your computer and shares how to use the same presets in Adobe Camera Raw. Discover the benefits of using Camera Raw as a filter and simplify your workflow. Check out her “Lili Amanda Black and White Presets” click the link below. Improve your Lightroom skills today!

How to import presets in Adobe Camera Raw

Learn how to import presets into Adobe Camera Raw in this quick tutorial by Lili Amanda. Discover the different ways to open Adobe Camera Raw and how to import and organize presets. Follow along as Lili Amanda shows you how to import a preset zip file and use the imported preset. If you’re interested in black and white presets, click the link below. This tutorial is perfect for any photographer looking to improve their editing process using Adobe Camera Raw.

Day 2:

Quick Tip for Converting Colour Portrait into Stunning Black and White Using Presents

Learn how to quickly convert a color portrait into a stunning black and white image using presets in this video tutorial by Lili Amanda. She shares her process of experimenting with different presets to get a general idea of the possibilities, and then fine-tuning the image using adjustment sliders and brushes. She also demonstrates how to add drama to the image by darkening the background and enhancing the details with an adjustment layer in Photoshop. Overall, this video provides valuable insights into the creative process of editing images and shows how presets can be a great starting point for your own experimentation.

Day 3:

How to Use Adobe Lightroom Presets in Your Photo Editing Workflow

In this video, you can learn how to use Adobe Lightroom presets to enhance your photos and take them to the next level. Lili Amanda shares how to import presets into Lightroom CC and customize them to your liking using non-destructive editing. She also shares the story behind her photo and how it inspired her to create a unique image. What’s cool about this video is that you can see how presets can be used as an inspiration for editing your photos and how different effects can be achieved. The technique used is non-destructive editing and the tools used are Adobe Lightroom and presets. The adjustment layer used is Dehaze, and the filter used is Lili Amanda Black and White Volume One presets.

Day 4:
How to create glowy, dewy and dreamy effect in Adobe Lightroom
Day 5:
3 things you can do to speed up photo editing with Adobe Lightroom Presets

Learn how to speed up your photo editing process and get stunning results with Adobe Lightroom presets. In this video, Lili Amanda shares three things you can do to make the most out of presets, from choosing the right type of preset for your subject to customizing the preset to suit your style and batch editing photos. Follow along as she demonstrates how to compare different presets, use virtual copies in Lightroom, and synchronize settings in Camera Raw to streamline your workflow. Discover the possibilities and shortcuts of photo editing with this helpful tutorial.

Day 6:
How to quickly smooth skin in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom
Day 7:
How to Import Adobe Lightroom Presets into Mobile Phone

Learn how to use Lightroom presets on your mobile device with this tutorial by Lili Amanda. Discover how to import presets into Lightroom Classic, as well as how to use them on your phone. Watch as Lili Amanda demonstrates how to edit photos using various presets, and shows how to adjust exposure, contrast, and shadows to create unique and stunning images. This video is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their mobile photography skills.