Intermediate Learning Path

Learning Advanced Photoshop portrait retouching in 7 Day sprint.

Day 1:

How to match/change colour for dresses, clothes, lipsticks or makeup and more in Adobe Photoshop

Should you sharpen an image first or add grain first? Photo editing myth that you need to know

Day 2:

How to change and enhance the mood and style of a photo instantly? Texture Overlay in Adobe Photoshop

Photo editing - Adobe RGB or sRGB?

Day 3:

How to remove sun tan marks in Adobe Photoshop

Day 4:
How to match skin color in Adobe Photoshop
Day 5:
Frequency Seperation for Portriat Retouching in Adobe Photoshop
Day 6:
How to put back skin texture in Photoshop
Day 7:
Use Photoshop to Fix Hair Roots Color or Change Hair Color