Embracing Imperfection – A Journey of Self-Appreciation Through Self-Portrait

Lili Amanda Show
Lili Amanda Show
Embracing Imperfection - A Journey of Self-Appreciation Through Self-Portrait
The image "The Visible Personification Of Absolute Perfection" has won a Bronze with Distinction at The Portrait Masters.

The image “The Visible Personification Of Absolute Perfection” has won a Bronze with Distinction at The Portrait Masters.


In this episode, Lili Amanda invites you to journey with her through a transformative chapter of her life. Turning 40 marked a significant milestone, one that prompted her to create a series of powerful self-portraits. Join Lili Amanda as she candidly shares her evolution from battling rigid beauty standards to embracing the diverse world of self-expression and individuality.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Visible Personification of Absolute Perfection: Lili Amanda discusses the inspiration behind one of her standout photos, a nod to Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Discover the significance of this image in her journey.
  • The Imperfect Perfection of Age: Lili Amanda reflects on the personal growth and acceptance she experienced after turning 40. She delves into the mental shifts required to appreciate herself just as she is, imperfections and all.
  • Confronting Self-Critique: Join Lili Amanda as she explores the universal phenomenon of self-critique, especially when it comes to body image. She offers insights into how self-perception can be a transformative force.
  • Cultural Perspectives on Beauty: Lili Amanda shares her experiences growing up in Taiwan, where beauty standards often revolve around a single, narrow ideal. She contrasts this with the diverse appreciation of beauty she found in European culture.
  • The Power of Self-Acceptance: Learn how self-portraiture has played a pivotal role in Lili Amanda’s journey toward self-love and acceptance. Her raw and authentic self-portraits serve as powerful testaments to the beauty of embracing imperfection.
  • Changing Habits and Mindsets: Lili Amanda delves into the mental aspect of changing habits and transforming one’s self-perception. Discover her strategies for conquering mental challenges in her pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.


This episode is a heartfelt exploration of personal growth, self-acceptance, and the beauty that lies in embracing imperfection. Lili Amanda’s story is an inspiring reminder that beauty comes in many forms, and true transformation begins from within.

Join Lili Amanda on this enlightening journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Your perception of beauty will never be the same again.


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