How to Read Histograms in Photoshop and Camera


Histograms are an important tool for photographers, but they can be difficult to understand. In this video from Portrait Creatives, Lili Amanda explains what histograms are, why they’re important, and how to interpret them. By understanding pixel distribution and tones, you can improve your photography skills and avoid common mistakes.

What You Can Learn from This Video

This video provides a detailed explanation of histograms and how to use them in both Photoshop and camera. You’ll learn how to read histograms, interpret them, and adjust your photos accordingly. Throughout the video, Lili Amanda uses nuts to demonstrate how histograms work, making the topic more approachable and easy to understand.

What’s Cool About the Video

What’s especially cool about this video is that it breaks down a complex topic into easy-to-understand concepts. By using nuts to demonstrate pixel distribution, Lili Amanda makes histograms more relatable and less intimidating. Additionally, the video provides practical tips and advice that you can immediately apply to your own photography.

Techniques, Tools, Adjustment Layers, and Filters Used in the Video

Throughout the video, Lili Amanda uses a variety of techniques, tools, adjustment layers, and filters to demonstrate how to read histograms. She shows how to use the level and curve adjustment layers in Photoshop to adjust brightness and contrast, and how to use the histogram to ensure that you don’t lose detail in your photos.


Histograms are an essential tool for any photographer, and this video provides an excellent introduction to the topic. By understanding histograms, you can improve your photography skills and avoid common mistakes. If you want to take your photography to the next level, be sure to check out this informative and engaging video from Portrait Creatives.

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