How to Remove Clothes or Fabric Wrinkles in Adobe Photoshop

This is a video tutorial on “How to Remove Clothes or Fabric Wrinkles in Adobe Photoshop” by Lili Amanda from Portrait Creative. 

In the video, she thoroughly explains two methods that can be used to remove wrinkles on clothes or fabrics in Adobe Photoshop. The first method is using the “Patch Tool” and the second one employs the “Frequency Separation” technique. In the tutorial, she emphasizes the time-consuming nature of the process but reassures viewers that the effort is worthwhile for achieving cleaner, more professional images.

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Frequency Separation Action for Skin Retouching

Lili Amanda demonstrates how to use frequency separation for portrait retouching in Photoshop. The technique separates texture and color and tone, allowing for targeted editing and retouching. Amanda explains the process step-by-step and provides an action for easy application. Viewers can learn how to remove blemishes, retouch skin, and adjust color and tone for a flawless portrait. The video also promotes Amanda’s course on frequency separation for portrait retouching, available on Portrait Creatives.

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